Book cover of Selling Heaven by Ali Horriyat

Selling Heaven

Statistics show that almost 85 percent of the world’s population is affiliated with an organized religion. But how many of these people truly know God? And how many are just blindly following religious dogma, as they have been taught throughout their lives?

In Selling Heaven, Ali Horriyat tracks organized religion from its beginnings in ancient society to the multi-billion-dollar industry it has become today. Through a series of essays, he reveals how religion—like so much of today’s world—is under the thrall of capitalism, far removed from its original purpose of finding God.

He also provides a roadmap to escape the shackles of organized religion, charting a path through a natural, personal spirituality, devoid of rules and restrictions. This is the road that leads away from fear and dogma, and towards a life lived in love.

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