Our Books

Compassiviste Publishing is built on the belief that great books do more than just entertain.

Our works are designed to effect meaningful change whilst supporting the aims of Compassiviste Foundation.

Our stable of titles currently include a collection of acclaimed social, spiritual and philosophical books by Canadian author and founder of the Compassiviste, Ali Horriyat. They are designed to educate and to take the reader on a spiritual and intellectual journey of enlightenment.

In time, we plan to expand our range of books to include fiction and non-fiction anthologies. Keep an eye out for new books here or subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest additions of our literary stable to your inbox.

To re-use or reproduce our content for commercial, personal, or educational use please use the following information.

rights licence is needed if you want to reproduce any of our work in its entirety, either by translating it into another language, creating an audio or video version, or creating an electronic reproduction. A permissions licence is needed if you want to reproduce an extract of our work. This includes but may not be limited to text extracts, a single chapter, and figures or illustrations.

To request a rights or permissions licence, please contact us via email at hello@compassivistepublishing.com