Ali Horriyat, author, HHH Trustee and Compassiviste Publishing Director

Ali Horriyat

Author, Trustee & Compassiviste Publishing Director


Ali Horriyat is a former financier who, at the height of his career, was one of the richest people in Canada.

He quit the rat race and gave away his fortune as living proof that money really can't buy you happiness. Since doing so, he has gone on to found global charity Compassiviste Foundation and to write about his spiritual journey towards true purpose and fulfillment, and how others can achieve the same.

His books, which are sold to raise funds for Compassiviste Foundation (100% of net profits go to the charity), share his vision for a fairer, kinder, and better world for all, predicated on one essential truth: through compassionate activism, we must all find the path towards pure love energy and reunion with God.

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